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The Pointe at City Center Apartments



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Kari_E • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2017
If you're looking for a nice updated place to live with knowledgeable staff, look elsewhere. Within the first month I moved in, I had to call maintenance for a leak in my ceiling. It was raining outside and my ceiling started leaking in two different spots. I called maintenance and all they did was cover it up with some Kilz and call it good. So of course it happened again the next time it rained and they did the same thing-covered it with Kilz. They also informed me that, "these things happen when it rains that hard and at an angle." Yeah right, I've never had a ceiling leak in any other place that I've lived. Then, winter rolls around. On one very cold day, my pipes, along with many others in the complexes, froze and I did not have hot water for over 24 hours. They had me put a big heater machine that connected to the pipes (which are outside in a closet) to the pipes in the inside (under my sink). The heater itself sat right in the middle of my living room. I had to take a day off work to sit at home and make sure that no one broke into my apartment since I had to leave my outside door cracked for the heater to connect. I was also unable to sleep that night as I had to leave my door cracked open while the heater ran. I went to the office staff and told them about my frustrations and they informed me that I should get a space heater to put in my laundry room. I had a one bedroom apartment. The laundry room was literally a closet with a stackable washer and dryer. Anyone with a brain knows that you are not supposed to put a space heater in an enclosed room. It is a major fire hazard. Lastly, I finally had my moveout date set up. I was to move out on August 5th. On July 27, I called the office and asked them how much I needed to pay for the 5 days in August. The lady I spoke with didn't know and said she'd have to ask and give me a call back. She called me back and said I didn't have to pay anything. I knew at the time I should have had her send me that in an email for documentation purposes but I didn't. Upon receiving my deposit refund, I noticed that they took out $171 for "August rent/late fees." I called the office asking why I was charged for this and the lady said that the $171 was for the 5 days I was there I'm August and since I didn't pay it on time, I was charged $40 for the late fee. Of course she did not believe me when I told her about my encounter with another office person who told me I owed "nothing." My fault for not getting it in writing. I filed a dispute and the office lady said she'd call me and let me know of the outcome regarding the dispute. I have yet to hear from her and probably will not ever hear from her. Do not live here. The apartments are old and the staff is far from knowledgeable. I highly recommend living anywhere but the Pointe at City Center.
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The Pointe at City Center Apartments

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