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The Pointe at City Center Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/05/2019
Would give NO stars if I could! This place USED to be great until the conglomerate came in and cared just about money. The parking situation was always bad, but their solution was to add carports to make MORE money but screwed over everyone else. Also, they'll make up crap to steal your security deposit from you. Three years we lived there, told them when things broke (of course they don't have a way for YOU to check on work orders, just whatever they decide to write down) but they still made up stuff to take off of our deposit, like crumbling window blinds that get baked on the poorly shaded patio (told more than once, but they said no other apartments had that issue, which is funny because there are only about THREE apartments that face that way and one had people in and out of it nearly the entire time we lived there. In fact, the first tenet DIED in there and they never replaced the carpet, so...... Also, hope you like your kids being exposed to weed smoke and god knows what else. This place never gave a damn about it. Total dump.
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The Pointe at City Center Apartments

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