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The Pointe at City Center Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/27/2011
I am still stuck here for several more months, but can't wait to move. The spiders, ants, fleas and rolly pollies are horrible. Things that break don't ever really get fixed. My toilet stopper was "fixed" with a bent paperclip. The fake granite countertops are bumpy and scratch easily (you are financially responsible for the scratches). The countertops and black spray painted appliances don't ever seem to come clean. The windows and doors don't seal properly, so expect your electric bill to sky rocket or get used to being hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. The vent for the dryer is blocked or not routed out of the building correctly (dangerous, clothes don't dry properly, undue wear and tear on your dryer). The office staff will tell you not to put anything down your sink drain even though you have a garbage disposal (it doesn't work). The dishwasher doesn't work. The icemaker doesn't work. You have to turn on a heat lamp in your storage unit in the winter to prevent your pipes from freezing, oh and don't forget to leave all your faucets on, not dripping, but to a steady stream. Did I mention you pay for this electricity and water? Not to mention not being environmentally friendly. None of these problems have been fixed dispite repeated requests. The office staff was very friendly before moving in. Now if there is a problem they say they will talk to the Manager and never get back to you, or they don't stand behind what other staff member has told you before. Their collection of monies for miscellaneous repairs in the apartment and late fees and late rent payments and other charges that pop up on your account is sketchy at best. The normal noise (showers, TV and conversations) from other apartments is not muffled at all because there is no or inadequate insulation between the apartments above, below or to the side of yours. The playground is not being kept up. One swimming pool is only open during office hours (9-5) Monday thru Friday and isn't clean when it is open. The office pool is not clean either and people are allowed to drink and smoke in the pool and there is not a restroom available to patrons at the pool. Wonder where they are peeing? Looks nice from the outside, just keep driving by though.
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The Pointe at City Center Apartments

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