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8640 Schweiger Court, Lenexa, KS 66219
8640 Schweiger Court, Lenexa, KS 66219

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The Pointe at City Center Apartments



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fdjade • Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended

Reviewed 03/11/2012

I lived at the Dunes at City Center for its convenient price and location. After living there for only 2yrs, it was not as cost effective as I thought. The poorly built construction allows for no insulation, not just the window and doors frames allow cold air in but also the walls. The heating and air-conditioning sucks. When turned on it leaves a smell in the apt. No matter how much incense is burning it still stinks. The fan in the bathroom makes noise with no real function. One of our windows was not working for over 6 months, due to get the part in and blah with what ever excuse they could come up with to prolong their job. The counter tops chipped away and they tried to have me pay for them. So make sure you take pictures of the place if you do decide to move in. My small video showed them how the counter tops were already chipping, therefore I didn't have to pay. We poured bleach down the disposal with lemon and it still stank up the apt, later on the p-trap stank up the apt as well. In two years the management changed for the worse, the maintenance looked like they could care less about their jobs. They don't have a work out facility because they are too cheap to put one in. Instead they will tell you the complex took a poll and they chose to have 2 dinky computers and a printer that hardly ever work. Your better off going to the library which is walking distance. The staff in general is un-organized. I would have to call several times to get something done or ask for documents. I made it clear I wanted to be in the apt. when maintenance was working in it, several times I was not and not informed a day or so in advance. Upon leaving they gave me new market values for the apartment one week after they were supposed to and then charged me an entires months rent due to their failure in organization skills. After speaking with the main person in charge ------ (816) 841-4647 she was of no help and could not work out a plan to split cost when her incompetent staff messed up the paper work I did sign to leave the apartment. They set me up on a payment plan and when asked how much I owe left they added extra cost and then apologized they had messed up in calculations. So its ok for them to make mistakes, yet not tenants as long as they get their money. I paid rent on-time for two years, I cleaned my apt before leaving, I was a great tenant and they treated my like just money, give us our money, even thought I brought them money by having a friend live in a separate unit for a year. First it was ------- and now --------- as manager. Here is some correspondence b/w me and the community to show how unorganized they are: Hello, This is --------------------------. How much do I owe the Dunes after all my previous payments? Thank you Your current balance is $280.99. Your last payment of $30 was received 1/1. Thanks! ---------, CAM Community Manager I knew my final balance all a long, I wanted to see if she/ the Dunes would get it right and no they did not. Hi, I am unclear as to how my current balance being $280.99. the final amount I owed according to Dunes at City Center Move Out Statement was $437.49 $100 was paid on 10/05/11 $100 was paid on 11/01/11 $50 was paid on 12/04/12 $30 was paid on 1/02/12 Therefore making the final balance I have would be $157.49 How did your number total to $280.99 ? Please be detailed, Thank You (Written by me the Tenant) Her reply was I m sorry- you are correct. I do see your payment from 11/01 was not on your ledger, but we did receive it. Your current balance is $157.49. Sorry for the confusion! ---------, CAM Community Manager The Dunes at City Center Ph: 913-492-5442 - I am including these details because human error does happen. Upon my moving out my room mate moved to California and we made it clear we were not renewing our lease. There was 2 months left on our lease and I believed we were signing documents to finalize all the paperwork with the apartment. Turns out all we were signing was to get my roommates name off the lease. This was an unnecessary step, we had always paid on time and money was no issue. This was my first apt and I was unawake of the specific document called the "Notice to Vacate form." I was so upset and crying when signing these documents I let my roommate handle it and I thought we were good. Nope, no one gave us new apartment rates until a week after I was to give my 30 day notice to move out. Both sides were at fault with lack of direct communication even though we stated to -------- and ------- C that we were not staying, I still was charged one months rent after I moved out due to their mess up again. Legally I didn't sign the document so I have been paying the Dunes. The way that whole situation happened on their part is extremely unprofessional. I would never again recommend this complex to anyone. Even almost a year after I move out the still cant get there finances right. Good thing I use rentpayment.com and have proof of all the payments I have made otherwise they would be charging me over one hundred more I already paid. Human error they told me, so then is it not human error that the complex had the wrong documents out for us to sign when we made it clear to not renew! They could have at least admitted their mistake and split cost, but no it falls on me. The great tenant that never threw parties and respected the community. Human error is only convenient for their pocket books. I continue to pay because I value my credit score even if I was not living in that apt for that month. I WOULD NOT RENT FROM THE DUNES AT CITY CENTER!!!! There were several night in which the lights don't come on outside.
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The Pointe at City Center Apartments

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