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8640 Schweiger Court, Lenexa, KS 66219
8640 Schweiger Court, Lenexa, KS 66219

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The Pointe at City Center Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/08/2012
This is Dunes at City Center now... Moving out now after living there for one year. The management when I moved in was friendly, responsive and enjoyable to work with. Towards the end, I had to call multiple times for maintenance to be completed and to get basic questions answered on how to move out, what needed to be done, what issues they found etc. Every time I would walk in to the office, they were on Facebook or chatting on cell phones. The basic and general construction is at best, sub-standard - I had at least 3 doors just fall off due to unfixed stripped screws with normal, gentle use and so many other little things break. You could see in the 'freshly painted ceiling' 3-4 spots where flooding had happened and it was clear a quick and effortless patch job had been done. I can't even begin to list how much abuse this place looks to have taken over the year - things that could and should have been easy and fast to fix right, but it just was not ever done. The units were HORRIBLY energy inefficient (combined with rotting windows and poor door seals, etc) making the average winter electric bill in a two bedroom just a hair over 300$. Mind you, I kept the heater at 72 3 days a week between 6pm and 10 pm and then at 68 overnight. The other 4 days I kept it at around 64 as I was not home and didn't want the pipes to freeze after several rude door flyers everyone got warning the tenents of their responsibility for the aging pipes. Neighbors were always noisy and while that is not the fault of the complex, it speaks to the quality of insulation and construction and general consideration of the fellow tenants. DO NOT come home after 10pm at night or you will NEVER find anywhere to park anywhere close - I would have to commonly park 3-4 buildings away, in a dark area without any lighting and walk quite a distance. Other people just park on the grass. Parking is inadequate (in a parking lot ALWAYS full of broken glass). One neighbor had three vehicles and two of them NEVER left. Complaining to both the neighbor as well as management (Liz) did positively no good and nothing was ever done about it. Also complained multiple times about random people pulling in with vehicles (who obviously didn't live there) and dumping their trash in the dumpsters (as well as furniture) when we are forced to pay 5 a month and was told they is nothing they can or will do about it. There are TWO pools there but only one is open during business hours and only M-F. The other one has a 'hot-tub' off to the side but it is precisely the same temperature (all last year) as the pool. So, may as well call it a pool with bubbles (and lots of bugs). Ah, yes...the smoke detectors. And this is no exaggeration. They would CONSTANTLY go off...anytime you cooked anything. You could BOIL water in a cup (this is no joke) in the microwave and it would go off. Called maintenance several times and was finally told by office staff (still have this in email form) that there was nothing they would do. Maintenance suggested that some tenants simply unplug them every time they move. So, I did that and since they are hard wired in. On one occasion one of the live wires came out of a wire tie. Whoops - so much for safety. In regards to the grounds, they are almost fully unmaintained (save the pools - see above however). The back side of the complex (which you cannot see from the main road is almost mostly mud with some weeds - lots of trash too. There are HUGE branches that were almost completely severed during big storms that months later are still in big danger of falling. There is damage to buildings from storms that after LAST summer (read almost a year ago) still exists. The playground has broken glass all over it from children who play out there, bring trash from dumpsters, destroys items and leaves it there. I do have some positives. The maintenance guys were amazing. Always amazing...very friendly. I would rather just find and talk to them than call the office or the 'new 800' number. What a joke. Those maintenance guys were amazing and should be left in charge. They appear to be over worked however and could probably use a little bit of help, especially since they seem to be the only ones doing any work. I know no place is perfect - they are shared living in a sense and every little need and want cannot be fiscally met by management. But, they need to do more than sit in an office trying to look pretty, playing on facebook all day and ignoring the responsibility of up-keep and customer needs. Remember - we rent our HOMES from you.
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The Pointe at City Center Apartments

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