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Fieldstone Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/05/2012
What a group of liars. First off, I have never rented there and thank God I didn't after I read the two reviews below this one that same night I made the mistake of almost wasting $200 and possibly a year! ------- or whatever his name was LIED to me over the phone. I asked him if they look at your credit because we don't have good credit but have never been evicted or owed any debts to landlords and we always full fill our leases. He said they don't actually look at our score or credit, just if we have evictions or outstanding debts. I told him and the gal we saw that day that we don't have the best credit! My boyfriend had gone through a divorce 5 years ago and which can leave you with bad credit. They had credit cards together and a vehicle and some other stuff! We also explained everything to them and they kept telling us it was all aright! Also they have limits on income. We can't make more than $40,000 for a family of 4. We meet that at $35,000 with a take home of $1,900 a month!!! They let SECTION 8 PEOPLE LIVE THERE FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! They denied our app the next day and sent out a stupid letter contradicting everything they told us. Well, we wouldn't have wasted our time and effort at all had we known this and I had read the reviews previously about their horrible flooding issue!! They only focused on our credit and that was it and the fact that we were only $5,000 off from the guidelines to live there and they claim we wouldn't have enough to live there??? Really? How much sense does that make? We have a SPOTLESS rental history. If they would have actually tried instead of judging us on our "credit" despite they don't know everyone's history or why something is on there! We had one landlord actually give us all our deposit back and wrote us a thank you letter for being the best tenants he ever had!! Don't waste your time if you have a good rent history and aren't dead beat renters and may not have the best credit. Seriously. Any who, we are happy to not be there, to far of a drive, bad location, flooding issues and so on. I would hate for our brand new beautiful Mazda get messed up cuz of their lack of caring to fix their issues with flooding there!! We found a much better place that has 100% of its reviews from over 20 people. Sounds better to me.
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Fieldstone Apartments

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