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Fieldstone Apartments



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Kristy3232 • Resident 2012 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2013
Two months into this lease and I'm very happy. I have lived in several apartments and have yet to live in such an organized place. The space is perfect for my 2 year old, boyfriend and myself. I am located upstairs in a two bedroom and it's very nice with just enough space. Our electric bill is the lowest I have seen due to never having to turn on my heater or air. It just atays at a very comfortable temp so far. The parking is awesome for my biulding and I have atleast 7 spots to choose from at any time of day. My ice maker started to run so slow and (even though they were short handed) maintenance STILL made it to my place to completely replace it. Im not sure about you but I have never lived in a place that cares if your drink is chilled. I was shocked at how fast as well, they have their stuff together. I have read reviews reguarding their 'inspections' and just to let you know, it is not as crazy as these reviews had led me to believe. I have had two inspections and one visit from the pest control and out of all of those, the amount of time they have been IN my place is seriously about 4 minutes all together. Not to mention, you sign the lease AGREEING to these terms. They give you a respectable notice before they even come in and have yet to attemp to enter without my knowledge. Maize is a boring small town (and I am coming from Goddard) and there isnt much. However on the plus side, it is so close to 21st street that I love were it is located. For last minute items, there is a larger Kwik Shop close enought to walk to. I still have many months on my lease and I know all too well that my opinion could change. Though honestly if they keep up the way they have been then these apartments are sure to stay a nice safe place to live in. All at the same cost of those dumpy apartments you will find in Wichita. No complaints, I'm pleased. -Kristy
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Fieldstone Apartments

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