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Fieldstone Apartments



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blue_skyes • Resident 2011 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 04/07/2013
My two small children and I have lived in this apartment community since mid summer of 2011. From the very moment we moved in, I, and my two children felt welcomed and at home. I have a disability and use a guide dog to get around I was very impressed that when we initially were looking at this complex the manager without my having to ask told me that there would be no pet deposit charged because my dog is a service dog and that I could make any modifications to the apartment such as labeling appliances etc. if I needed to I have rented several apartments in my lifetime, and most of the managers have been nice But a lot of them have kind of been clueless a little bit about the service dog policy and the fact that our manager was knowledgeable really pleased me immensely. As far as maintenance issues go, I have been pleased with how these of been handled If I need to have a light bulb changed all I have to do is put in a request and it's handled promptly Shortly after moving in we discovered an issue with the breaker box One of the switches had flipped over and cut off electricity to half of my apartment and I did not know how to handle this I called the office And and it no more than 10 minutes the maintenance guy was over here and fixing my problem Also if there's something that goes amiss in the apartment and it's something that I can handle but don't know how to do, they will show me how to do it in that way if it happens again I can fix it myself such as when the breaker box flips over or something like that. I had an issue with my heater in the fall and it took several visits through the third-party service people to repair this problem and the office staff and maintenance all were very helpful and we got through it and the heater now is as good In August my two little ones and I moved to a three bedroom unit in the new were part of the complex It's got its quirks, but we've never been happier I've made a lot of good friends around here and my children can attend good schools the bus comes to pick them up as I do not drive and overall i couldn't think of a better place to live Is even a sidewalk now, they used to not be one but Noller is, that we can walk on to go to the little quick shop up the road apiece and I absolutely love that The layout of the apartment and the space provided for the most part is adequate the only complaint I have is that I wish we had more cabinet space in the kitchen but you can't have it all I suppose I absolutely love the fact we have a nice washer and dryer in our unit and the dishwasher and we don't have to pay for the water only pay for his gas I mean not gas electric. The apartment isn't completely electric and my bill on average is about 100 on the low-end and hundred and 50 on the high-end so quite reasonable The office staff and maintenance staff are very friendly and personable and I've always been made to feel welcome. I plan to call this my home until at least my four-year-old son is a graduated out of high school and who knows, after that I still might stay here We have been happy and contented residence for the past year and a half almost 2 years and plan to remain here I would very much suggest this apartment to anybody who's looking for a nice affordable. Place to call home
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Fieldstone Apartments

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