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Collegiate Villa Condominiums



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2013
Incredibly overpriced! The walls are paper thin. I can hear my neighbors next door and upstairs having a conversation, even though they are speaking at normal volumes. I can hear the TV of the people who live next to me, and I live in the building that was just re-done in the last 2 years. The location is not the best if you want to walk or ride a bike as it is up a large hill and a mile from campus. I'm not sure why they charge what they do because although they say maintenance is included, they charge you a $30 fee for replacing an air filter that costs $2. The people that lived in my apartment before me left holes in the wall and spots all over the carpet from their dog, and they are charging ME $200 for the damage from the PREVIOUS OWNERS. When I moved in, the garbage disposal was making an odd clanking noise. Apparently, the blade had become disconnected. I called the office to have the "free" maintenance come look at it and they said, AND I QUOTE "Sorry. That's on you." The thousands of ants coming in through our window daily was also "on us". There is dog poop all over the grass walkway which management refuses to take care of. They have threatened people with $50 fines if they are caught not picking it up, but they are never there to witness it. The office rarely has anyone in it to address your concerns. There has been a large SUV taking up two parking spots since I moved in a year ago. An email was sent out last august stating if the car was not moved, it would be towed. It is now February and it is still there. Management is full of empty threats. Nothing gets taken care of. This place is horribly overpriced for the location and quality of building. The apartments look nice and have nice amenities, but the management and thin walls have ruined my experience here.
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Collegiate Villa Condominiums

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