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Collegiate Villa Condominiums



Former Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
Let's start from the beginning. It took over 4 months and 3 requests put in to get a leak fixed from under our sink. The water damage was sufficient enough to cause some of the paneling to peel off, and we're tasked with paying for the mold removal. The guard rails on each floor could very easily fall off with a strong gust of wind, and they are very unsafe to even be on the second floor of the complex. Both landlords are incredibly rude to everyone, and very condescending. I asked a simple question when we moved in, and the head landlord talked to me like I was an idiot. They don't take time to listen to issues you have, they think everything is your fault, and they try their hardest to get you to leave as fast as possible. The air circulation is also awful. They have wall units in each room, but no actual fans. The air is constantly stale and it makes it hard to sleep at night because you are so uncomfortable. They are so understaffed for all of the property they own, and because of this, they require you to do most of the heavy lifting during the move out process. They make you hire a cleaner to clean the apartment, and if you don't, they mention that you could be charged up to 1000 dollars if the apartment isn't clean enough. Seriously, you can find better places in MHK to live, and I would reccomend anywhere other than here.
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Collegiate Villa Condominiums

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