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Hillside Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/29/2011
I recently moved out of these apartments due to moving somewhere nicer but, I want to let you future tenants know about what's in store for you before you move in. We first moved in during summer and the apartment looked nice, but we soon learned the owners try to clean the building up but, they aren't very good at it. Jo Goeppner is a very fishy landlord, she tells all the tenants about each tenant from jobs to their personal life, which in my eyes isn't something you should talk about. She does have an attitude, and will bother you constantly for something out on your balcony, or for something small. Paul he try to clean up the apartments but, when we moved in our apartment wasn't very clean, the cabinets were filthy, the air conditioner filter wasn't changed and was filthy, there were holes all throughout the walls in the apartment, the door for the balcony doesn't work very well,the closet dry wall was broken and never fixed, and our sink we learned a few weeks in leaked all the time and he said he fixed it but, it wasn't fixed much at all.We bothered him about a fan and we told him it didn't work, he looked at a few times and did nothing about it. So we lived there for a year without a working fan. The walls in the apartments are paper thin, you can hear a lot from your neighbor and throughout the hall ways. LAUNDRY this was a pain, I thought have a washer in dryer in the apartment complex would be okay, but first off its 1.50 for a small load of laundry and after you do it, and come back to put it in the dryer someone from the apartment takes it out and leaves it on the floor or the shelve. So for your moneys worth for a laundry go to the Laundry Mat. Twice the load and the same price The Apartment Complex from the outside to the office seems nice but, once you get in front you learn people leave dog feces everywhere never pick up ,and if you ever want it picked up , it won't happen till summer because during the winter months to almost summer Jo & Paul are in hibernation and don't have anyone normally come up and clean around the apartments which is filthy and embarrassing when you live there and have friends over. The roads in the apartment complex are not kept up they have plenty of pot holes, and during the winter season, sometimes you don't have anyone remove the snow , which is a pain getting out of the apartment complex. But, I want future tenants to know that these landlords are elderly and are only out to get your money, they don't have a staff or like a management that comes out and fixes things, sometimes it takes day's because Paul is the owner and the fixer. And at the end when we got our deposit we didn't get all of it back , there were holes in the wall that we didn't fix, because they weren't ares but, we were charged 25 for each hole. And because I never cleaned out the cabinets from before we moved in ,we were charged for that. And when you move out you have to pay a cleaning fee of 85 dollars even if you choose to decide to clean it yourself, they are picky and want your money. And you have to pay for carpets which is 75 or 85, I don't remember the correct amount. But, I want people especially in the military to know and those at KSU students , don't waste your money on this apartment complex, the apartments catty corner to these is a male owner, and he is there all the time fixing, and very friendly and helpful, so check him out first. But, overall go somewhere that is willing to fix, and is more friendly. I am not out to get the Landlords, they are nice people but, I don't believe this Apartment was worth the money when I should have got a nicer apartment near KSU for the same money and a full management team. Don't make the same mistake I did. PS ALSO MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A PICTURE OR VIDEO TAPE EACH HOLE IN THE WALL, EVERY CABINET, THE BATHROOM, EVERYTHING YOU CAN POSSIBLY CAN , IF NOT YOUR NOT GOING TO GET MUCH OF YOUR DEPOSIT BACK.
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