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University Crossing



Resident · 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
To anyone who is reading this, I urge you to steer away from this apartment complex. I'm going to break this down for you much like a list, so I hope you can understand all of the reasons why you should never live here. 1) The staff at this apartment complex is awful. I had an issue a month into my stay when they tried to charge me over 700 dollars for rent. I asked to see a copy of my lease, and they told me no manager was around to give it to me. I've had to pull teeth so many times just to try to get a copy of my lease, maintenance, etc. The staff is so rude to you, and treat you like you are a 5 year old when you want a simple answer to a simple question. 2) Speaking of maintenance, let's talk about that. At the beginning of my stay, I found out that my air conditioner was broken, and I put in a work order to get it fixed. After about a week of waiting, they finally came to fix it. They replaced the air filter, and then left. My air conditioner to this day is still not fixed, and they charged me 80 dollars for labor to install a new air filter. I've had people tell me that they've been waiting for maintenance requests for MONTHS, and still no one has come over to fix the issue. 3) This apartment complex is not safe at all. I work overnight, and sometimes get home around 3 in the morning. About 5 nights a week, I can smell multiple types of narcotics, booze, and can hear screaming throughout the complex. Not only that, but they have a very bad issue with Raccoons, Opossums, and stray cats running around the complex, eating garbage, living in the sewers, and stalking the complex. I would stay away from this place at all cost. 4) The complex is SO FAR from KSU. It takes me 9 minutes to drive to class, and 45 to walk. They argue with maps that it is right on the corner of campus, but what they don't tell you is that the corner they are on is the athletics complex, and all of the buildings where you actually go to class are on the opposite side of campus, making travel to class very expensive, and cumbersome. 5) They have been recently changing floors in apartments to give them a fresh look. They neglected to tell me my building was up next, and it is 11:27 PM, and I haven't been in my apartment since 9:45 this morning because of the changes. They neglected to tell me that they were doing this, they have taken so long to change everything, and I'm not sure that I will be able to sleep in my own bed tonight because I'm not allowed in while the floor is being changed. And finally, 6) This is the 3rd time that this complex is going under new management since I've been at KSU, and I've only been here for 2 years. No one is living here, the complex is constantly dirty, the people who live here are dangerous, the staff are rude, unprofessional, and probably unqualified. If you are a student whose looking for a new place to live next semester, steer clear from this place. If you are a parent who is looking for a place to have their child live, find somewhere else. If you care about the well being of your child, do NOT let them live here. This place is a disaster. All these good reviews you see on here, I can guarantee are from the staff trying to make this place look nice so they can fill spaces. No one is happy here, and those who say they are are the ones who are causing the problems. If at all, just remember this is the 3rd time they are going through a management change in 2 years. Do not live here.
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University Crossing

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