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Woodway Apartments

2420 Greenbriar Drive

Manhattan, KS 66502



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Just about to move out of a three-bedroom that I've shared with my friends this past year (Recent college grads, males, ages 22, 23 and 24). Layout: For $815 a month it wasn't terrible. Decently sized living area. Carpets aren't in the best shape but there aren't any foul odors or anything like that. Individual room's aren't huge by any stretch, but I was able to fit a full size mattress, desk, tv stand, and nightstand in there comfortably. Good amount of closet space. Bathrooms aren't anything to write home about. Two sinks (with storage underneath), toilet, and shower. Shower has good water pressure. Kitchen size isn't ideal. There is a fridge/over/stove/dishwasher, but it's all packed in a very tight area. Not much to offer in terms of cabinet space either. FWIW we never had any issues with appliances not working. Utilities: The vein of my frustration. The air conditioning units are the same ones that have been used since the early 90s (guess?). Again, that's just an approximation but based on their physical appearance I think that is in the ballpark. Our AC shot craps a few weeks after moving in. The front office was good about taking my complaints and getting someone out there within 24 hours; however, it took about three weeks to get the AC fixed. It's not totally on them. We had the same lazy --- guy show up the first three times and tell us it was our air filter. We were fortunate enough to get an older guy up there who realized instantly that we had cracked pipes and freon had been leaking. He got it fixed that day too. It was frustrating at the time since it was routinely 100 outside but it's worked like a charm since. Water wasn't really an issue. You could run the dishwasher and the shower at the same time but, for whatever reason, if you tried running one of the faucets while the shower was on the person in the shower would get icy water or scalding hot. Just the way the pipes are set up I guess. We adjusted to it after a few weeks and never really had any problems beyond that. Gas/Electric were never issues. Had a problem with our internet, but it was a Cox issue not anything in the apartment. Laundry: Don't know much about the facilities. I went to a nearby laundromat (there are three within ~5 minutes of the complex). My roommates did use them... Never complained but they never said anything good about the place either. Noise: Never really had an problem. We lived on the 3rd floor of one of the buildings that overlooked the pool, which most would classify the "noisiest" area in the complex. It would get loud on occasion during the summer but nothing horrible. Most of the tenants are students/soldiers/spouses so that just kind of comes with the territory. Transit: Parking was never a problem. Not even on Gamedays. I worked at a radio station and would do news and sports on Saturday mornings and sometimes wouldn't finish with that until a couple of hours before kick-off. Never had a problem getting in a spot (Didn't have one of the covered spots either). I will say this. Commuting on Saturdays is tricky. Police block off just about every way in and out of Woodway Apartments after the games end. My advice would be that if you're going to be out and about on a Saturday, make sure you do it when the game is actually being played. Wait until it's over and you're going to be stuck in traffic for a while. If you're driving around before the game starts DO NOT TAKE KIMBALL. It is ALWAYS backed up to hell and gone. Best alternate route if you're on Tuttle Creek Blvd., Take Manhattan Ave. south to Claflin. Take Claflin west to College Ave., then take College north to Kimball. By far the fastest way to get to the complex before the game starts. Misc: No problems with spiders or other insects. Think we only had one spider encounter the entire time we lived there. Carpets aren't in the best shape but they don't emit any offensive odors (I'm allergic to dogs so we did have to check to make sure the previous tenants didn't have any pets). All in all I'd say my experience was decent. It's a solid deal. Yes, you do have to pay all utilities but my roommates and I still paid less than $400/month per person for rent/utilities combined (Management gives you a five-day grace period on rent; they hit you up for an extra $25 if you go past that date). Very tough to get that kind of a deal in other complexes in MHK. My roommates and I considered staying an extra year but jobs have sent us all in different directions. So if you're looking for something in the short-term it really is a bargain. If you're on the high maintenance side and know you're going to want super spacious rooms, bathrooms, etc, then it's not for you. But for the average college student, it's a deal.
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Woodway Apartments

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