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Woodway Apartments

2420 Greenbriar Drive

Manhattan, KS 66502



Resident · 2015 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Absolute worst experience with them. When I moved in my door was crooked and would not close, there was dirt and leafs all over the carpet, my door had a hole punched through it, nothing had been cleaned, and the air conditioning was not working (100+ outside). When I asked the manager she turned me away the first time. Then when I mentioned my dad was on his way she very rudely came and started cleaning. When my dad got there and was asking nicely what had happened, she would not even look him in the eye. They could not be bothered to fix the door so my younger brother had to do it. Since then it has not gotten any better. Very old and outdated kitchen with the appliances breaking. When reported, it takes them a long time to come and fix it and hide behind the excuse of "oh we did not see your maintenance request". I have had my dishwasher leaking and I had to ask them about 3 times before they fixed it. My AC unit started pouring water out of it in September and it took them 3-4 days to fix it. This was not a little leak! I was changing soaking wet towels 3-4 times a day! The staff is constantly changing, however, one thing that never changes is how rude they are. Each one seems worse than the last and they do not care about their tenant. All they seem to care about is whether or not they get their check on the first of the month and if they can sit in the office surfing the web uninterrupted during business hours. My dad (who pays for this apartment) wanted to talk to the regional manager and after 10 minutes talking to the person at the desk ended up having to give her HIS number to have the regional manager call him. They would not give out her business number. Then he never received a call from anyone. He emailed the regional manager trying to get this issue fixed and never heard back from her either. When I tried to ask them to call him again I got an excuse that they couldn't call him because it was "personal information" and even if I gave them written permission and that he was my co-signer, they could in no way contact or talk to him. I constantly hear my neighbors. I constantly hear broken AC units outside that wake me up during the night. My neighbors smoke weed all the time to where if they open their door, I can smell it in my apartment. They say they reinforce their rules about cleaning up after your dogs but they do not. I even have a dog and make sure I always pick up afterwards, but am constantly stepping in other dogs poop. The laundry room has multiple washers and driers which is nice. However, only about 1/2 of them work at any given time. Add that with how many tenants there are here and it is very hard to get your laundry done. Also, since the laundry room is always unlocked, random people will go in there and have sex. Then they get mad at you for being in there. The apartment complex needs to do something about this and about their washers and appliances working. On game days if you come back after the start of the game, its about 50/50 on whether you will find a parking spot in a "legal" spot. I have come back several times and there have been 0 parking spots around the entire complex. I ended up having to park in the carports and pray I was not towed or get the horrid sticker on my window. Overall they have no respect for their tenants, slow to fix anything, quick to judge, and the worst apartment complex I have ever seen. If you do not have to live here, save yourself the pain and headaches! I wish I would have.
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Woodway Apartments

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