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Foxfire Apartments



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ccrockett • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
We are current residents at Foxfire Apartments. We moved in due to a great promotion offered at the time, $100 of the original rent when you sign a year long lease. That seemed like a good deal at the time, so we went for it. Through the course of the year we realized that the management staff were not only ignorant of anything going on but also completey rude to boot. On a number of occasions I would call and place an order for repair for something minor but then all of a sudden I was informed that because I was listed as an "occupant" rather than the "leasee" I could no longer call on behalf of the apartment, my boyfriend would have to, this was after we lived in the property for over a year. Parking is absolutely horrible, if you have a to get out to go the grocery store or run errands and you get home after 7:00 p.m. you are out of luck. You will have to park much farther than you should. You can imagine how hard that makes it when you have a car load of groceries to carry inside. We have complained to the management a number of time but they dont really care. We have had a problem with noise especially once it begins to warm up outside. Since a lot of college students live in the complex it can get rowdy. My boyfriend and I are working professionals so this is not condusive to our work schedules. I have had to threaten to call the Cops on a number of occasions. The one reason I would not recommend this place is, every year they significantly increase your rent. The second lease we signed out rent went up $40, if we sign another lease our rent is going to increase again by $70. If you have pets you will not only have to pay a pet deposit but an additional $10 per month in pet rent!!!! This to me is absolutely assinign. But the worst thing is that when we decided to go and find another property we are unable to find anything within the same price range, location and size as our current situation. We are definitely pigeonholed into this property, now!
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Foxfire Apartments

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