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Oak Ridge Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
The problem with most of these sites are abused. Most of the people who write in and comment are upset not with the management but with the procedures and rules and regulations that are enforced. To the comment about the mice, perhaps they left food out or left a door open. I have resided here for 6 years on the first floor and I have never seen any mice. I would really like to ask these hateful people, what is it you wanted and did not get? I beleive that being positive is better then negitive. I bet these same people like to consider themselves Christian folks too! As for noise people you live in an apartment/ other peoples space. Perhaps you need to own a home if you do not want to hear other people and as for the 11/06 comment, you said you stayed because your neighbors was nice? HMMM you jabbed your neighbors too? No one is perfect and I happen to like CHristine and the entire staff of Oak Ridge Park and I feel safe when I come home and the grounds are always clean and when it snows the walks are cleared. When I have a bad day the Ladies in the office always make me smile. I do and always recommend Oak Ridge Park Apartments when I hear someone is looking for a place to live. I hope the hateful people who wrote comments have moved on to their perfect place into the world. Perhaps the nasty people who wrote in are the crazies who blog all day too! Get a life rude nasty people
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Oak Ridge Park Apartments

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