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Saddlewood Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
We lived at Saddlewood Apartments for one year. I could not overstate enough: AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Mold: after a few months we noticed mold growth on walls throughout the apartment. We immediately notified office manger L*sa Sm*th, who later claimed she was never made aware. (More on that later--she is a consistently dishonest individual.) Despite cleaning and bleaching the mold ourselves, the mold would grow back later. Parking lots in disrepair and patrolled by flashlight-wielding tow-truck drivers: For our one-year stay (we moved out as soon as lease allowed) the parking lot was in a constant state of disrepair and danger. Massive potholes littered the premises. What was L*sa's answer? For several months, nothing. Then she patted herself on the back for filling said potholes with rocks! G.H.E.T.T.O. All while receiving kickbacks from hired tow-truck drivers who patrolled the lot nightly by flashlight, looking feverishly for guest vehicles to haul away. Did I say G.H.E.T.T.O.?! 'Refundable' Deposit Theft: Make no mistake--it does not matter how diligently you clean ahead of move-out, nor that your unit may be in pristine condition. L*sa will swindle you out of your so-called refundable deposit nonetheless, concocting lies in order to reduce the refund from multiple hundreds of dollars down to nearly zero. I have no doubt this property was once one of the best Olathe had to offer--spacious floorpans, and amenities that were previously assets (now the full-size basketball court and gym are testaments to the fact ZM Management does not reinvest in their properties upkeep). L*sa will not hesitate to leave invitations to her church functions (which she frequently hosts at the decrepit clubhouse and seem to feature recently released convicts), but otherwise she'll rarely accommodate any reasonable requests or assist at all. ZM Management is a glorified slumlord of an operation--they were able to purchase this one-time nice property for pennies on the dollar after the previous ownership group defaulted on their bank obligation. Sadly, ZM Management does nothing to maintain the premises, and instead employs slumlord tactics. Lesson learned; don't repeat our mistake yourself.
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Saddlewood Apartments

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