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Somerset Oaks Apartments

813 N Mur Len Road

Olathe, KS 66062



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
I have lived at Somerset Oaks for over three years now. I have yet to be disappointed. I will cover the basics.<br><br>Management: The staff has always been very friendly. They know my name, recognizing me immediately when I come into the office. The only change are the leasing consultants, which isn't a big deal. Carrie has been with the complex as a manager since I first moved in. She is very professional and very helpful.<br><br>Grounds: I have been thrilled with the groundskeeping here. The grass is always green. The lawn and bushes are always well trimmed. Whenever there is an ice or snow storm, the sidewalks are cleared and salted first thing in the morning. They even do the stairs.<br><br>Buildings: The buildings are beautiful. Always kept neat. Since I have lived here, they have repainted all the trim and shutters. They painted the balcony and stair railings black, instead of the green that was originally used. They were prompt in the communication of when your balcony was going to be painted so you could make sure the railings were clear of your things.<br><br>Apartment: The carpet is still very new looking. I have lived in the one bedroom and currently live in the two bedroom. I loved both. The ceilings are high, giving a feel of extra space. The walls are painted cream, which is nicer than plain white.<br><br>Maintenance: All of my requests have been taken care of promptly. The office has always explained requests are taken care of in order of emergency and when the request was given. Our tub stopped draining properly one day. We called the office and two hours later, maint was there to fix it. The only major maint problem I ever had was in washer/dryer hookup room. I discovered mold growing up the wall. The maint man was there in less than thirty minutes to fix it and I never had another problem with mold.<br><br>Parking: On weekends, parking is less than preferred when you get home later than nine pm. I have never really felt scorned by inconvenient parking though. Obviously, these are three story buildings so you cannot park right outside your door anyway. The lot is always well lit and I have never felt unsafe here.<br><br>Community: The walls are very well insulated compared to other complexes I have lived. If someone is yelling, you can hear them. There is a newborn baby below us that we can hear if our apartment is dead quiet. But the radio or television usually drowns out the noise easily. The neighbors seem to keep to themselves, which I like. It is easy to make friends if you wish, but I like to go about my business and leave everyone else to theirs. I have never had an unwanted, unfriendly, or unsavory neighbor. This community seems to be made up of mostly single families. I don't see children running around screaming. I don't see teenagers squeeling through the parking lot and blaring loud music.<br><br>To end: This community is beautiful, well-kept, quiet. An excellent place to live for the money.
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Somerset Oaks Apartments

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