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Cedar Crest Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
I was a resident there for over three years and saw it go from an adequate place to live to the total DUMP it is when I left. Here is a SHORT list of some of the concerns that potential residents need to be aware of: *Everything needs repair and the place is literally falling apart. Nearly every building foundation is settling and there are many serious crack in ceilings and walls of the individual buildings. *The pools are hardly ever cleaned in the summer and are in tragic need of repair. *There parking lots and streets leading to the individual parking lots have so many potholes that you'd swear the place was located in Iraq! *There has been an ongoing problem every spring with termites and spiders are a year round problem. *The Tennis Courts (one has a net the other doesn't) is unusable and has MANY cracks and is uneven and unleveled (plus it always seems to have new broken glass everywhere). *The management is slow to respond (if at all) to overall problems where common areas are concerned and the place now looks like a weed farm (the current holders of the landscaping contract only mow and edge the property and do NOTHING about the weeds that are so overgrown that they are weaving themselves into the dilapatadated wood work) plus it seems to be a game with the mowers who can run over and spread the most trash that continually litters the property. *The trash dumpsters are a problem and usually are overflowing and the excess garbage left next to the dumpsters by residents AND staff maintenance (including everything from used tires and furniture) will NOT get carried off by Defenbaugh. The City of Overland Park has had to come out several times and threatened fines on Cedar Crest/Peterson Properties if they don't get their act together (don't believe it, look it up for yourself or call the city). *The trash receptacles in the mail rooms are usually overflowing and will go for WEEKS without being emptied before management will do anything about it or clean it up (even after multiple complaints by residents). *The noise level inside the apartments from blas residents slamming doors (that literally shake the entire building) and partying till dawn is a continual problem. The OPPD is on a first name basis with many of the residents (both good and bad). Yet, the management will not enforce their own excessive noise policies against habitual offenders. *In the winter, the management is very slow to put out salt on the walkways (if at all) and I've heard of law suits from residents falling and breaking bones when they were only trying to get to their cars. *English is definitely the secondary language here. *YES, they WILL TOW cars with expired tags! I am SO GLAD I found this site so I can pass on my 'experiences' to others who also came across this site.. ALSO note, that the management also reads this list and has made a comment or two but the place still looks this way and there is nothing that leads me to believe that there is any forward progress in getting this place straightened out. I've lived in apartments nearly all of my adult life and this one is by far one of the WORST apartment "communities" that I ever leased from. Suggestion - PASS ON THIS PLACE AND KEEP LOOKING ELSEWHERE!
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Cedar Crest Apartments

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