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Clines Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
The complex is small, not more than 150 or so units. It was built long ago and does not look like a modern apartment complex. The floors creek, the shine has long since tarnished, ther are no washer / dryer connections, and the windows are circa 1970 single pane. Covered parking is avaliable for a monthly charge, no waiting. Otherwise you park parallel in front, or one of the spaces opposite the unit. They are welcoming of pets, and won't kill you with pet rent and obsene deposits. Some of the tennants have been there for 12 or more years, no kidding. The units are arranged into 4 apartments per building, with a common entry and staircase. There is a open unfinished basement area below each building that houses the coin-op washer and drier, and several wood frame storage spaces that you may use on a first come, first serve basis. You just put your stuff in it (usually 10X8 or so) and put your lock on it. No extra fee. Extry to the basement requires a key. The apartments are quite large. This really is one of the best features of the complex. Bedrooms are huge, by anyone's standards with ample closet space. The kitchens are efficent in design, not a "galley" type, but not huge. Appliances are provided, stove/oven, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, sink disposal, and have fairly good pantry and cabnent spaces. None of the appliances are new, but they all work well. Downstairs units have fully covered back porch area, while upstairs units have a 1/2 covered balcony area. A sliding glass door opens to these areas. My unit (2 BR) had a WONDERFUL bowed brick wood burning fireplace that my wife and I enjoyed and miss in our new place. Trash is picked up from many dumpsters located around the complex. The grounds are well kept but minimal. The courtyard area behind our unit was quiet and tranquil but not elaborate. They had just finished resurfacing and restoring the pool and deck right as we were leaving. It is very nice cool touch concrete surface now with a smaller kiddie pool area in it's own fence. There are a lot of old, mature trees on the property that provide nice shade in the summer. If you enjoy watching birds or squerrels, you will love to sit on the back porch during the nicer months. You can not barbeque on your porch any more, by order of the fire martial, nor store a grill on your porch. That part really sucks, but they do have a small community grill area by the pool. Tammy is the apartment manager and has been forever. She is a no-nonsense woman that will do whatever she can to work with a good tenant, and will not tolerate those who are dishonest, disruptive, or dangerous. Her general rule is that if the police are called to your apartment for some problem that you caused, you should start looking for somewhere else to live. She does not put up with shenanigans, period. As they used to say in the Army, with her, the maximum effective range of an excuse is 0 meters. I found her to be warm, helpful, and kinda motherly. As for other office staff, I can't say I have a lot of experience with them as they come an go, like all properties. Ralph, the maintence supervisor has always been great, and lives on peroperty. If you get sideways with Tammy, then you are not going to like living there, but I never had a problem, and neither did any of my neighbors that weren't troublemakers. My wife and I require no adult supervision, and kept our affairs in order. As a result, the management had nothing to say to us unless we needed something from them. Then they were quick and courtious to our aid. One thing that is different than most other properties is that the group that owns the complex (NFI) dosen't get involved too much with how it is run day-to-day. At the Clines, Tammy is the law. And it dosen't feel like some big corporation is discussing your lightbulbs in a boardroom. You get personal attention from a manager that is EMPOWERED to do what it takes to help you. It's all her call. The key is getting into a building that has stable tenants. The neighbors I had were absolutely great. I had a very good relationship with the ones above and the one opposite me. I never once felt unsafe on the property, and neither did my wife, at any time of day or night. Your building can become a micro-community that works out really well if you get good building mates. Even if palling around with your neighbors isn't your thing, as long as you are respectful of them, pay your rent on time, and keep to yourself, you will like it. I did see a lot of people that weren't there very long because they couldn't resist rattling everyone's windows with thier car stereos, yelling at eachother in the parking lot, or letting thier kids run loose at night. If you have that kind of drama in your life on a routine basis, do yourself and everyone at the Clines a favor and skip this property. Overall, I would recommend this property to someone who has pets, is looking for a safe, comfortable property that won't break the bank, or someone saving up to buy a house. If you are prissy, think that anything built before you could drive is "old and dirty", or think that you are entitled to make whatever kind of noise you want too in an apartment, then you should steer clear of the Clines. That is the good, the bad, and the ugly about this place.
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Clines Apartments

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