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Clines Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2012
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Office Staff
I am a renter as well, about to move out to a better living situation. My car has been vandalized. As well as three other tennants that live in the same building. As some one else wrote, they do not care. VERY dark at night, no lighting, kinda scary when you are single and by yourself late at night. Dope deals going on in the parking lot, seen that at least three times. Tammy the manager say's it is crime free, but she is blinded. I go outside in the eveings and can smell the pot smell from someone smoking a joint. They do not use proper maintance guys, they fix whatever they have the cheepest way they can, with just getting by, and then have to come back over and over again to fix again. Grounds are only kept where new people are coming to check out an apartment, but if you look beyond, you will see, branches hanging down, trees that need trimmed or cut down, no grass just dirt, and bushes that are dying due to lack of water. Cracks in sidewalks and steps. Laundry facilities are in the dark basement, takes about $1.50 to wash, and $3.00 to dry a load. Smells of mold and dampness down there, with standing water here and there. Parking is a nightmare, it is all dark, and if you try to park where some of the lights are, you get a nasty note from a tennant that has lived there forever that you are not to part here, it is her spot. No assigned parking spaces. Staff, well that would be Tammy the manager, and she is the biggest two face, person ever...she talks bad about everyone, including her guys that do the maintance. Then she will say she never said that....snake tounge! DO NOT TRUST her.
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Clines Apartments

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