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Lodge of Overland Park

7575 West 106th

Overland Park, KS 66212



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Roaarrrrr • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
I dont give a ---- if you're maintence to the apts or work there..this place is the biggest pile of ---- i've ever seen...I come home from work at 1 am and always have a place to park, these past few nights there has not been one damn place to park..i had to squeeze my suv inbetween the dumpster and a car leaving me hardly any room to get out...they are aware of the parking issues but dont seem to care...cant they atleast number spots and assign each apt to certain numbers?! if someones in someone elses spot..then they're gonna get ----ed..im tired of paying $600 for rent in this p.o.s and no where to park! as for the idiots in the building, smoke outside, some people are allergic to smoke and kids have asthma and dont want to smell your nasty --- smoke, as for the music..TURN THAT ---- DOWN. for ---- sakes..no one wants to hear your white trash guns'n' roses at 8 am. or that rap crap...you -------- need to tone it down too when driving through the complex...you make it sound like theres a damn circus going on..christ...these apts blow...<br><br>HAVE A GREAT DAY! ENJOY THE WEATHER WHILE IT LASTS! :)
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Lodge of Overland Park

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