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9125 Foster Street, Overland Park, KS 66212
9125 Foster Street, Overland Park, KS 66212

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Meadowlark Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended

Reviewed 01/08/2007

I moved into this complex with my brother because we saw that all utilities were paid. However, this is a very un-choice place to live. <br>First of all, the maintainence is horrible. Anytime we had problems with anything, we would respectfully address it to the office. The first reaction of the office was to take the defense and deny responsibility. Further, they showed little effort in finding a solution. One time, I was cleaning the walls in my shower and my hand went straight through the tile. I reported it to the office, and they did nothing until several months afterward. When it was being repaired, the crew who was installing the shower, some outsourced contractor, showed me how much damage was really done throughout the entire building. <br>Oh yeah, it's funny how they finally fixed it. One day I came home from work to find my back door (which was locked) clear open. It ended up that somebody found out how to rock the doors off of the tracks and get into our apartment. They stole everything, from music instruments to big screen tvs to game systems. The office showed absolutely no compassion and, again, took the defense and denied responsibility for the lack of security locks for the back doors, but finally agreed to fix my shower. Further more, we have had two cars broken into (one of them twice,) underage drinkers throw up on our back porch from above, and somebody shot outside of our apartment. Yes, somebody was shot in a police standoff right outside my brother's window at 2 in the morning. The man died on somebody's front door step and the staff made no acknowledgement of any kind to the residents to help insure security. This place is not a safe place to live and not a choice place for families. <br>In terms of structureability, the place is falling apart. There are 2-inch diameter holes drilled through the main steel support beams in the basement for plumbing and electricity. <br> I really could, seriously, go on forever about how poor of a place this is to live, and not, in the least bit, be exagerating. Do not pay attention to those reviews saying the staff is great and friendly, those are written by the staff. These apartments should be sold to a company that is willing to maintain them and sell quality housing, because the current management does nothing.
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Meadowlark Hill Apartments

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