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Meadowlark Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
BabyG4Eternity • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/01/2007
Maintenance: If the work orders were filed by the office, then the complex maintenance crew was prompt. But only if it was a danger to life or limb or the complex. The outsorced contractors that came to fix the BIG problems often stated that "this isn't up to code I hope the manager will let me fix it the right way". I"m still waiting for it to be brought up to code. Parking: What a joke . There appears to be room for every group of building to have 2 spaces per unit. Half of those are carports that you must pay extra for. If you don't want to pay then you are S O L for parking. But lets face it today, most people have a 2 income family, that means 2 cars. If you have older kids (16 ) if they have a job or are students living at home they need a car too ,thats 3 cars. This dosen't include the one group with what appears to be nearly 12 people in a 2 bed room town house with 5 cars. Utilities: Yes thay pay for them and not getting a $300 surprise is nice. b This comes at the price of not much control over your on comfort. Temps of 80-85 where not uncommon summer temps inside with thermastate set a 70. The master was always hot, on winter nights the window was opened a little just to cool it to a comfortable level. Trash: Many days it would overflow and not just when people where moving out. The grounds: After 2 years they fixed this broken concrete stair on the way to the pool. Lighting is not the best and most of the walkways and stairs have settled and cracked. This is a large place 600? units, maybe I live on the wrong side of the complex. Construction: They just replaced some of the wood sideing. Good thing, I was tired of the birds and squirels living between the floors.The whole place should be inspected yearly for building and health violations. They repainted too. Still looks like crap. That could be Overland Parks falt I heard the city only wants browns and beiges. They even tried to force White Castle to paint their building tan. At the end of the day it is your choice to move here or not. There are other complexes that pay the utilities. Some in a prorated way depending on the unit. Ask around before you decide on this place just on that perk.
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Meadowlark Hill Apartments

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