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Preston Court

9160 W. 103rd Street

Overland Park, KS 66212



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aimb23 • Resident 2008 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2012
I will never recommend anyone to live there even my worst enemies it used to be a great place to live in new it's the worst place to live in hear are some of the problems: 1.there windows are very energy inefficient so you will have a high electric bill relative to the size of the apartment.So it my seem that you get a good deal on the apartment how ever you will pay it with the high energy cost. i payed like an average of $200-250/mo for normal use.some of my 2.when you move out they will find andy way to charge you for evry litel thing and you will pay a extra $300 on made up problems. 3.the apartment complex let everyone live there so it starting to look like a hood ,------ .there is too much noise at night form teenage kids especially during the the summertime. many times i will see teenage kids smoke and drink in the premises of the apartment complex,and find lots of cigarette and butells of empty alcohol next to the trash cans or on the apt street . 4.the maintenance are very slow to fix problems are nver do fix them 5.(this is very important)when you sign a contract you can't get out of the contract so if you buy a new home are need to move to a defiant location(for a new job r a sick relative) you will need to pay the renaming time on your contract.( other places do not do so) the only exceptions are a job transfer from your current employer 50 miles from the apartment complex(and you will need to pay 2 mo full rent) r for military service (and you will need to pay 1 mo full rent).
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Preston Court

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