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Signature Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/05/2014
Horrible place to live, no parking at night because people always have more then two cars, instead they park in front of fire hydrants, (which is illegal day or night) . I have had to have maintenance come over at least once a month if not more then once here. Do not live on top floor or your electric bill will be VERY high, causes the AC units to run non stop because they are not well insulated and have underpowered units inside the apartments. Also I have had lots of water come in during storms or during the winter when the snow melts I know its normal for a little to creep through but I'm talking buckets full, you will not get a good night sleep, because u have to stay up dumping the buckets of water. Also these apartments must have their showers running on some other sort of water source because their is no pressure and the water is either hot or cold no in between, also check your sink had two replaced already because they buy cheep ones and water leaks through them. Think twice before you live here if you like a monthly problem then this is the place. Management is forever changing, so hopefully they can find one that suits this place. The higher up people really don't care what you think their getting ur money that's all they care about, oh and don't be a day late after the 4th day they charge a good fee without reminding u your rent is due until they charge u already. so best of luck to you! cause I was only here a year and cant wait to give business to another apartment that cares and not one that just wants your money!
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Signature Place Apartments

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