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Signature Place Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH BED BUGS THERE!!! I was a resident of Signature place apartments from 2013 to 2015. I moved to a one bedroom apartment at signature place in sep 2013, it was a nice apartment. I was happy with my stay there for 2 years and I decided to move to a new 2 bedroom in oct 2015, that is when the nightmare started!!! The 2 bedroom apartment was infested with bed bugs!! The apartment management did not tell us it was infested with bedbugs. The very 2nd night we slept in that apartment my wife got bed bug bites. We have never had experience with bed bugs so initially I thought it was an allergic reaction. But I also saw similar marks on my body. I found a bed bug near the wall on the carpet and complained to the apartment the very next day. They told they will call a pest control person to look into this, they came and inspected the apartment and said they could not find anything. The same night we stayed up and looked through the apartment with a flashlight! Upon closer inspection in the apartment I found a total of 22 bed bugs in the apartment!! These bed bugs were found on walls, ceilings, bathroom floor, near kitchen floor everywhere!!!! We were freaking out..we informed the apartment management about this situation and they said they will have a pest control person look into this. I had to move out to a hotel since we were beginning to have a nervous breakdown due to this and lack of sleep!! All this within the first week of moving in to the apartment!!! They said they will treat the apartment in a few days and set up an appointment with the pest control. My wife went back to the apartment couple days after the treatment which the apartment was assured was "very effective" my wife got even more bites..on face , arms everywhere!!! She was on the verge of nervous breakdown due to this nightmare!!! The apartment management said that we have to be in the apartment as "human bait" in order for this treatment to work. Ridiculous!! Here we are ..moving into this new apartment ..we are broken physically, mentally and were homeless after paying so much in rent and processing fees!!! We had no place to sit, sleep or eat!! I went to the apartment complex office to seek a remedy, all i got was..we will give a call back when the manager back..When I said will wait there until the manager is back and provide a solution, I was told I had to leave or else they would call cops since they felt they were being harassed!!! I am sorry, but handling customer complaints is not harassment. We waited outside until the cops came who saw our plight and advised us to take the matter in court or report to tv or something. Why do you have a leasing office if you can't listen to your tenant's complaints!!! The apartment refused our request to provide us an alternate living arrangement until this problem was resolved..all they told is that our lease can be cancelled and we can find a new place to live..and that they would the charge the rent of their bed bug infested until we move out of the place!!! This was beyond RIDICULOUS!! We lost nearly 4000-5000$ in this ordeal..hotel bills, eating outside, had to throwaway our new memory foam mattress, mattress frame,couch, pillows..It was a horrible experience. I would never wish this agony to my worst enemy!!
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Signature Place Apartments

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