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Three Lakes



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Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/09/2010
while I hate to be a disappointment to some people on this site, I unfortunately still do live at this apartment complex. I have yet to leave a comment on this site because I never found them to do much good, but now I feel like I must for my own conscious' sake. I have lived at numerous apartment complexes all over the country and never in my life have I ever received such horrible service. I, like many other people living in this country, believe in getting what I pay for with my hard earned money. I for one do not believe that my money is being put to good use when I have to call for maintenance four to five times to make a simple repair (this I believe is in the "terms and conditions" part of my contract) and every time I call for the maintenance, who seems to be "oh so busy" are all outside of my apartment sitting down having a nice conversation amongst themselves on their golf carts. So to you who feels the need to judge everyone else that lives at this complex...I too wish we all could have such as great as experience as you, until then I will be thinking of you while sitting on the concrete slab which was the hot tub that was advertised and showed to us under a blanket of snow when I signed my contract. It doesn't seem like I'm the one that forgot the terms and conditions of my contract.
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Three Lakes

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