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Crimson Villas



Resident · 2011 - 2012
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This is the worse place you could possibly live. The management is awful, the only thing they care about is getting your monthly rent check. Its a bunch of "kids" managing this place and "kids" doing maintenance. Everything is cheap ----. The locks on the doors can all be carded into so your valuables can and will be stolen easily. The roommate matching is awful, they almost purposefully give you a horrible roommate. When I asked to be on the list to be let out of my lease (2 weeks after i moved there) the SUPPOSEDLY put on the list, 2 months later I went back to the office and I STILL was not out of my lease. I transferred schools at semester and when I came back to get my stuff management had given my roommate the okay to use my room and bathroom even though I was STILL paying for it!!!!! I had obvious drug dealers living across the hall from me and management did nothing to investigate or evict them, hhmmm pretty fishy! It is a pretty violent place to live, the cops frequently get called there. And good luck trying to get out of your lease, even with a lawyer. I am still paying for it and not living there. It is a major scam to live there!!!! Don't do it, this place does not deserve to be in business!!!!!! They make too much money off of college students and they only provide ----. And you will get parking tickets because they don't provide adequate space.
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Crimson Villas

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