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Wycliff West Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2015
I've lived in these apartments for 3yrs now but every year it gets worse. The manager whose name starts with R is the worst person to rent from. When I went to inquire she was the nicest and even rented to people with no SS as long as they had an ITIN number, now she is evicting everyone who doesn't have a valid SS no matter if they have complied with their monthly rent. Maintenance never gets done on a reasonable time period, it ranges from half a week to two weeks from when the request was made. The AC units and furnace are the major downfall in these apartments they are literally so old they never work. Expect to pay about $200+ a month for electricity no less for the same reason the furnace goes crazy trying to keep up. Lately, she harasses tenants that if they need to service anything in the apartment they will be responsible to pay for it. I'm sorry but to my understanding the tenant shouldn't be responsible for damages that have happened due to normal wear and tear over the years, they are so old and never are maintained when they should be. Also, the policy is if you are late on your rent payment you are charged an extra fee one being after the 5th and another after the 16th, yet they threaten that if you go past the 12th you will be evicted. It makes no sense when you pay your late fee. Yes they are the least expensive apartments and appearance wise nicer ones but when you have to deal with the management team it's not worth it. My lease will end on August and I will surely move....
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Wycliff West Apartments

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