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Wycliff West Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2016
I went searching for an apartment, the manager seemed quite nice, in fact freaked me out a bit as she was overly so. She revealed personal details about her life on the first meeting and even started in on some religious talk. She asked for the application fee and deposit after showing us a model apartment. I insisted that I would not sign a lease or commit to an apartment until I had seen the actual apartment I was to move in to. This is when things got ugly. We went to see the apartment on three different occasions and we were told it was not ready to show. I was fine with that, I didn't care or mind how long it took to get the place ready, I just wasn't going to agree to it until I saw it. She got shrill and said she was offended that I didn't trust her word. In the meantime, they deposited the deposit check, even though I was clear that I was not committing to an apartment I hadn't seen. She promised the apartment would be ready to show on a today. When we went there she said it was still not ready to show, but continued to put pressure on me to sign the lease. She said she would not refund the deposit even if I didn't like the apartment. Even she did finally show it to us. It was a dump. The carpet was new, she would not allow us to look inside the cabinets (I need to see the size), or the refrigerator, it looked old. The stove was all rusted around the burners, she claimed it would be cleaned. The bathroom was the worst I have ever seen. Tiny old vanity, the shower /tub was tiny and stained. The toilet was broken. If they we'd flaws that could be resolved by cleaning, I wouldn't care, but they were horrible problems that would need remodeling to be acceptable to live in. This is what I had worried abour all along. It looked nothing like the model. It seems that is their strategy to delay showing, pressure renters into signing a lease for an apartment sight unseen. If you don't like the unit they embezzle your deposit, most people cabby afford to forfeit 300 dollars so they'd just move into a grossly subpar place. All along she acted as if I was treating her injustly, claimed she was a Christian and swindled me. I'm glad that all I stand to lose is the deposit. If I had trusted her, I would have had to live a year in a dump paying rent for a horrible apartment.
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Wycliff West Apartments

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