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Kings Cove Apartments



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jessicazahnkc • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/19/2016
My son and I lived there for nine months and moved out in March of 2017. At first we really liked the apartment. It was really cute with beams in the ceiling and a brick wall. However, the more we lived there, the more problems there were. The walls and ceilings are really, really thin. We could constantly hear footsteps from the apartment above us, and the yelling across the wall. Utilities are high. Neighbors are not friendly. When they would spray bugs, they would do it four times in a row just a few weeks apart. Each time they would put a nasty note on your door saying if you didn't empty your cabinets, you would be held in violation of your lease. Maintenance is pretty good. The office staff for the most part just acts like dealing with you is an inconvenience. Morgan in the office is about the only nice one left. I just got over a $1000 move-out bill for supposed damage to the carpets. My family and I thought they looked pretty good when they moved us out. Morgan was nice when I called. I needed to make arrangements and asked for the manager. The manager was completely vial, nasty, demeaning, etc. There are ways to stand your ground without being ugly. I called The regional manager, Marilyn Light, and she was just as ugly. She told me if I didn't enter into unreasonable pay arrangements, she would immediately resort to the courts. That was frustrating as I am trying to pay, but more like $50 a month and not $150. I would not recommend renting from them.
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Kings Cove Apartments

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