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Kings Cove Apartments



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Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/12/2019
I moved in a couple months ago, I had to break the lease due to 2nd hand smoke from my neighbors coming into my apartment. I am a NON-SMOKER. They never once said anything about 2nd hand smoke being a possible problem. If I had known, I wouldn't have signed the lease to begin with. It was so bad it was like they were smoking in my apartment. I was actually having physical problems with the 2nd hand smoke: daily headaches, panic attacks and terrible insomnia. Just absolute misery. All of which went away when I stopped living there. I am in the process of moving out and all of my belongings are covered in the stench of cigarettes. I am going to have to air out and wash EVERYTHING.The staff does not care at all. Their job is to provide a healthy, clean home and they failed miserably. That apartment will be cleaner when I leave than it was when I moved in. The kitchen sink leaks as far as I know they haven't fixed it yet and I told them multiple times. There is also mold where the leak is. The faucet in the tub was not installed properly. There are stains on the kitchen and bathroom floors. The hot water would shut off randomly multiple times a week. The parking lot is filled with pot holes that are capable of damaging vehicles if you hit them too hard. There are also people that speed going 30+ in a 15mph zone with cars that have ------ mufflers. This place is basically for people that don't care about their lives too much and unfortunately that carelessness interferes with other peoples lives. If you're a non-smoker that wants a healthy, clean home... DO NOT MOVE HERE. You will have trouble with those toxins in cigarettes getting into your home and possibly making you sick like it did to me and the staff will brush you aside like they did to me. Good luck to you if this is the place you choose to live for yourself or with your family.
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Kings Cove Apartments

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