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Kings Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2012
I have lived at Kings Cove Apartments for about a year now. It is horrible. My car has been broken into once, and got multiple things stolen out of it & almost got stolen. I now have a security alarm installed on it and I use a club to lock my steering wheel. Where I park is next to wooded area so it looks unsafe. The parking lot is always packed and you will be lucky to find a good spot next to your building. Which brings me to the parking lot issue.. the trash smells really bad and people do not know how to dump in the trash can. One day I walked out to my car and saw an open ran over smelly diaper. Gross.. The neighbors are fiendly but some of them you can not trust. One of my neighbors has about 4 cars. And him and his wife are the only drivers in the family. People are always working on their cars in the parking lot. Dog poop every where. When I 1st moved in the sliding glass door was screwed shut; I thought that was weird. So I unscrewed it and come to find out, the deck was falling apart. I could of killed my self. So the next day I moved in, they came out and restructed it but used alot of the old wood. So it looks kinda ugly, but works. My a/c went out last month and it was fixed the next day. So the maintance is okay. The inside of the apartment is okay. The paint is cheap ugly. They just paint over everything after people move out. Very old appliances. 1980's stove and oven(thats the size of a microwave). We got new carpet when we moved in, and we have to pay $25 a month for new carpet....stupid. All in all, the place isn't the greatest. If was was to renew my lease they were going to raise my rent. Every other day I see a cop car of even a Crime Scene Unit Van driving thru the parking lot. I would not recommend moving here.
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Kings Cove Apartments

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