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Kings Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/13/2013
I've lived here 3 years and this place is a HOT MESS! Office staff sucks. The new office manager kicked a couple out for not telling them about another person that was going to be living in the apartment. It was the couples first child, who she was still carrying! It takes days to get anyone to fix anything in your apartment if it gets done at all. City Inspector in his yearly visit told them to fix my leaky faucet in my tub, took a year and a half to get fixed. The construction company currently putting on new windows, patio doors, siding, paint and roofing are ridicilous! My patio fence was the first one to come off my building and the last to go back up. Nevermind that it took them 8 hours to replace my patio door on a day that was 40 degrees outside, or the fact that I was paying for the stuff I had on my patio to sit in a storage unit for 3 months until I had my patio fence back up. Parking is horrible, too many people that don't live here taking up parking. The outdoor lighting is horrible, cars are getting broken into, my boyfriends car being one of them. The people that live above me have no respect for their neighbors. They dump dirty mop water thru their balcony floor all over my patio, have a child that is consistanly jumping off furniture, and having to pick beer cans up off my patio after they have had parties. Office staff does nothing. The club house is closed on Mondays. Today is Thursday and theres a sign up saying the pool is closed until noon for maintenance. Went to the clubhouse to use the trendmill, the only one they have, is broken. The ground are horrid. Theres grass missing in so many places so when it rains mud washes over the sidewalks. They only seem to be concerned about what the clubhouse looks like. If the clubhouse needs the work it gets done, but meanwhile the apartments are falling apart. The basements smell like mold, because of flooding. Can smell it as soon as you walk into the building. I can't complain to much about the guys in maintenance and their response time. It's not them, it's the office staff not keep up with the complaints from residents and getting the work orders to them in a timely manner. My carpet is horrible, along with the paint. Old kitchen appliances, a gas stove top thats not level.
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Kings Cove Apartments

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