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Aragon Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I moved in last may of 2006- The old apartment manager didn't even want to rent an apartment to me & my boyfriend- she literally refused to show us an apartment and we came back to the complex because we were in need of a washer/dryer hook-ups. This was our 5th visit - she finally showed us an apartment but maintenance was in there and it looked like crap! She thought that we wouldn't rent but we didn't have any other choice since there arent' many w/d hook-ups in wichita. She said our apt would be # 512 and then on move in day it wasn't even ready so she put us in a completly different apt # 610- it had all kinds of things wrong with it! They just cleaned it up and threw us in it. After 3 days of living there- I was not happy about it at all and decided I wanted to move to a different apt. The manager lady told me "no" she didn't even look to see if there were any options of moving. She said if you break your lease then you will owe us $ 5,000 because they make you responsible to pay your whole lease off even if you don't live there! That should be illegal! Then after that, she didn't like us - so she constantly sent us notices trying to get us to leave- we never paid rent late but she tried to make up fake documentation saying that we did. I also rented the clubhouse and she called me the next day very rude- demanding that i come down and clean it or she would charge me $ 50.00 to clean it - they used the clubhouse as their personal break room so the kitchen was already a mess! She had me come a move the tables back into perfect position and put a candle back on the coffee table or otherwise she would of charged me $ 50. Thats ridiculous! Then I had a trash sack- and She told me to literally put it in my car and haul it to my dumpster because she was too lazy to put it in along with their office trash! I really wanted to sue the apartment complex for discrimination! I know that she wouldn't have treated an older person like this! I asked for her bosses name and number and she would not give it to me. She told me that he does not talk to residents . She would only give me his first name , no last name or phone #. And since they're privately owned, i couldn't look up the owners number. It was a complete nightmare ! I hated living there! My neighbors were awesome and agreed that it was discrimination-- but the maintenance sucked and the office personal were horrible! DO NOT LIVE HERE!
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Aragon Apartments

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