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1010 North Ridge Road, Wichita, KS 67212
1010 North Ridge Road, Wichita, KS 67212

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Crown Chase



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KB_81 • Resident 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2015
Crown Chase has it's ups and downs just like any apartment community. Here for my take on each. The "Ups" - *Good parking, it is never difficult to find a space *The lawncare is maintained weekly * The trash seems to be picked up several times a week *The mailboxes are easy to get to/I like the way they and the clubhouse look. *Storage - I had one of the apartments that came with extra storage and found it very helpful * The closet space - both bedrooms in our two bedroom had good closet space *The layout of the two-bedrooms is nice because they are on opposite sides of the apartment instead of next to one another *Rhonda in the office has been nothing pleasant and kind since moving in. She is very easy to deal with. *Maintenance responds to requests same day almost always *Alicia was wonderful and nice when we gave notice - she offered to have our air-conditioner serviced during our last 30 days. I hope she does. * The man-made lake and exercise path - I think it's well-maintained and pretty. I enjoy walking around it for a good 25 minute walk. *The washer/dryers you can rent from Jetz for an additional $50 are month are nice and work great. The "Downs" - *The Electric Bill - Our first month our electric bill was $300. Thinking this had to be a mistake we called Westar, who told us electric bills run high for this property. I could feel cold air seep in, these units are not well-insulated, at all. Now that is summer the opposite problem is happening where the heat is crawling in and we have to turn the AC off at night to sleep. 80 degrees is not fun to sleep in. *The Spiders - They've sprayed and sprayed and the spiders still keep showing up *The Noise - I have called the 24 hr security multiple times for noise complaints. I'm not sure if they ever do anything though. I've seen people throw bags of trash off their balcony during loud, drunken parties (bags which set there for 3 days before they were removed by management or someone else). The people across from me have multiple dogs who howl all day. I can hear the people in the kitchen and bathroom of the apartment behind me without any trouble because of the poor insulation. *You can only pay rent during office hours. This is not very convenient for people who work during 9-5 *The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are kind of ugly. They aren't the worst but they are a bit odd looking, like something I would expect at a Motel 6 or one of those places you pay to live by the week. *Cheri/Sherrie (sp?) in the office can be rude and seem annoyed I have observed. *End of lease raising the rent. If we wanted to go month-to-month our rates would jump $125. Even if we signed a new lease they would go up slightly as well. I am used to living in California apartments, where the standard is 1 year lease, followed by a rent-controlled month to month. Not sure if this is standard for Kansas or not.
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Crown Chase

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