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Morgan's Landing



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2012
Ok..At first I liked this apartment complex. ------- was the manager and she was great!!! But unfortunatly all good things come to an end. The new people are pretty nice and I understand that the current problems are not their cause. But...I leased this apartment so i didnt have to get a y membership and swim. I also leased this one bedroom apartment, might i add, at 450 a month for one year. Well the swimming pool option..NOT OPEN STILL. The construction? The banging and having people come into your apartment and not vaccum might i add when they replace the windows is a minus. Replacing doors and putting stucco on the outside of the apartment is a big negative. Nice to have but all the noise? And really how am i benefiting it right now? I signed on for and easy comfortable year with this apartment and not an apartment that was full of construction. They also never have their laundry rooms FIXED! Either one washer at a time or one dryer at a time. I have an upstairs neighber that thinks he can blast his 18 inch subwoofers anytime he wants and all day might I add. Thin walls and you can hear a neighbors mouse fart...should I go on? Why is it that when we are late in rent we get these scared tactics of eviction plus we do get a 20 late fee plus 5 dollars a day afterward, which i understand, but when they dont show us some kind of decency of having all their ducks in a row they just kinda look at us like, You cant do anything cause your under a lease! What ya gonna do about it? Break your lease? I will charge your butt and spend more money taking you to court just because i can. ANyway. Just tired of not getting what I paid for and has paid EXTRA for this place.....I will find a better apartment next time and probably out of kansas. I do not recommend. There is better places for the same amount... Thanks for reading...now watch me get kicked out. LOL
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Morgan's Landing

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