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The Lodge West Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/04/2013
I just moved out of The Lodge and it was the worst experience I have had with renting. When I very first moved in, the apartment was very dirty. There was mildew all over the walls of the shower and there was a thick layer of crumbs and old food on the kitchen stove/floor. When I reported these issues to the office, they were completely disinterested, rude, and said "Some people would be fine living with this." I ultimately had to clean it all myself. When I had been living there about three months, water leaked into my apartment above the kitchen, leaving a terrible smell through my apartment and an orange mold stain all along the kitchen ceiling. I came back from a weekend out of town to discover this and reported it to maintenance after business hours. The maintenance guy called me after looking at it and rudely said "Why did you call us and have us come out if it's not leaking now?" because apparently mold isn't an emergency condition for a tenant. I discovered several days later that hat spot continued to leak inside the cabinet so the smell would not go away. Maintenance did nothing about this problem because they could not find the source of the water so I had to live in these conditions until I moved out. Throughout the time I lived there, I could hear the neighbors fighting (one morning at 7 am I woke up because a guy was yelling at his girl for staying up all night doing meth). When I left I will take responsibility for the fact that I forgot to have my electricity cancelled. Westar said they would put the additional time for billing on the apartments if they would call and say that I moved out when I did. I provided the girl in the office with a name and extension of who to reach at Westar and politely asked if she would make this quick call and she was unwilling and unconcerned. These apartments are unsanitary and have the worst care I've ever witnessed for responsible tenants. I would never live there again and I recommend that you don't either. I hope this was helpful.
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The Lodge West Apartments

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