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The Remington



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Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
If you look back, I'm the very same tenant that wrote the posting for 12/07/2005! Strange, huh? <br><br>And yes...I'm still here; moving out of state in 3 months, though.<br><br>The Remington has very slowly gone down hill since I've been here. All apartments will do this over time. After reading the other folks posts, I have to agree with most of it:<br><br>1] From a distance, the grounds are very nice looking. Watch out when you get closer though...dog poop everywhere! Seriously, I only walk on the sidewalks. NEVER walk through the grass (especially at night).<br><br>2] Parking is just rediculous. Since my last post...my beautiful 2005 Nissan Murano was keyed!!!!! I was sooo upset - but there's nothing you can do. I don't know how many dings I've gotten on both sides of my car due to parking spaces being so outrageously small (and limited). People try to park along sides of the dumpsters which blocks others from backing out of their spaces (that's why management has threatened to tow cars that park illegally like that, as mentioned in another post). I KNEW I should've waited to get a nice car until I bought a house! Good thing I didn't buy a house though. ha!<br><br>3] My tile in the bathroom and kitchen is literally sliding everywhere. Not a bit of adhesive on it anymore to keep it down. The long fluorescent lights in the kitchen have finally burned out. The smoke detector is beeping at me all the time to change it's battery (it's stuck WAY up high near the top of the vaulted part of the celing and I can't reach it). The bad part about it is, I just don't care to have any of it fixed. I'm leaving in 3 months and am NEVER here anyway. Don't have any experience with maintenance - I've never had a problem until now, though.<br><br>4] Management has always been very helpful with me. Of course, I'm probably their favorite tenant. LOL They've always called me back and followed up on things. Their staff is very friendly and you shouldn't have a problem there. Still, they've went through 3 managers since I've been here. So...good luck with that one.<br><br>5] Interestingly enough - my water bill changed about two years ago and is now always $2.48! Very strange. I've never inquired about it though. ha!<br><br>6] The apartments were recently painted. The paint job was decent - sloppy in some parts - mostly the stairs and black iron trimming.<br><br>7] I agree on this one too: the wind just blows right through these apartment. I don't know what the deal is - maybe we just had a really bad year this past year...but ---- - these walls just howl!<br><br>8] I live up on the 3rd floor and my concrete stairs are just CRUMBLING beneath my feat!!!! I didn't have to call maintenance to fix this...they got to it right away - HOWEVER, there are a few more stairs that are starting to chip away. BIG CHUNKS of the concrete are just falling off of them. (Very Dangerous). Management has been keeping an eye on this and fixing it for the most part.<br><br>It's a good place to live (especially if the prices start going down). Compared to MOST of the apartments on the E side of Wichita, the Remington is fairly new. They were built in 2000...so it's not like you're moving into Sundance or anything (which still have AC wall units). Here it's central heat and air.<br><br>A peice of advice - if you own a car worth more than $30K...I would seriously think about living elsewhere. I REALLY would. There's no covered parking here and the parking is a f'ing nightmare. For that reason alone I would recommend finding somewhere else.
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The Remington

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