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The Remington



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
1. You cannot get cable modem and are forced to use SBC/AT&T(bad service and pricey) for internet and TV. The complex uses a satellite service which will get disrupted during a thunderstorm. Again u have no choice in provider.<br><br>2. Very narrow access and people do drive<br>way to fast! It's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed. <br><br>3. The automated front gate is broken 90% of the time or is not engaged. Why even have it? They use it when the office gets to many complaints of people driving too fast, but after a time they just disable it again.<br><br>4. Parking is extremely tight and if you have a big vehicle, you'll will have a hard time parking.<br><br>5. People do not pick up after their pets and there is dog crap all over the place.<br><br>6. The apt wash/dryer facility is small and is only available in one location( the front office) It's a big area so if you live in the back your screwed. Also, the dryers don't work very well and will leave a heavy load damp. Recommended to own your own washer and dryer<br><br>7. Community pool area is a joke. Very small.<br><br>8. No open fires or grilling on the balcony.<br>Nice balcony area to enjoy viewing the speeding cars moving through the complex or the side of the next building.<br><br>9. The stairs are made of concrete and do crack and break. I nearlly killed myself walking down one day when this happened. Do not be too surprised if u see cracked and broken steps. This is especially true after people have moved in or out hauling heavy appliances or furniture up or down with a dolly.<br><br>10. Be prepared to be bombared with junkmail in your mailbox!<br><br>11. Rent is due by the 3rd, miss it and they don't want to take a check and will request a money order or cashier's check.<br><br>12. To be fair the apartments themselves are ok if u can live with everything else.<br><br>
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The Remington

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