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Village Park at Eastborough



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2015
I lived at the Eastborough Apartments for two years and only recently moved out. I received my full deposit back. -The pool is one of the largest I have seen at any apartment complex in Wichita. It is typically cleaner than a lot of them too. Most of the residents that use the pool are pretty respectful to one another as I have never had any problems. It is showing its age a bit however, and needs some repairs done to keep this pool respectable for the future. -The size of the complex is nice. It is about half the size of many apartment complexes around. -The owner for the past year has been ------------, who owns quite a few apartments complexes in Wichita and Tulsa. He has a bit of a bad reputation (just Google him). The switch over between him and the previous office staff was not good. He came in and instantly cut their pay significantly. This led to both office workers and the maintenance guy all quitting at pretty much the same time. This led to all sorts of problems. Renters were not notified of the situation, nobody was left to perform maintenance (in the middle of the summer), my rent amount suddenly changed (I had signed a new least only weeks earlier), the pool was closed for a long time because there was nobody to take care of it, and many many more problems from what I've heard. The office staff that he brought in was terrible. They had tons of problems in their personal lives and couldn't handle the situation they were put in. Thankfully things have smoothed out since then. The current office staff seems to be doing a pretty solid job. -I see a lot of complaints in reviews about parking. It is true the amount of parking spaces is not up to par with other complexes. However, a quick drive around the complex will make this obvious to anyone paying attention. If you have more than one automobile in your family I would recommend moving elsewhere. The free covered parking is nice in the middle of the winter. -The grounds have been let go quite a bit and need to be improved. They stopped watering this summer which led to a lot of dead grass and bushes. I also wish they would do a better job enforcing people picking up after their dogs. Most people are good about doing this, but it only takes a few to make things unpleasant. -The apartments themselves are your typical bland style with cheap fixtures. This area needs updated. The basement apartments seem to have it the worst. Our basement flooded twice and bugs get pretty bad down there. If you utilize the storage in the basement it is best to keep anything worth while off the floor. -Most of the people living their are good people and respectful of others, but just like any apartment complexes there are people who are oblivious to those around them. I only saw the police at the apartments twice in the two years I was there which isn't terrible. -Overall I would give this place 2 1/2 stars if I could. If you have one car, like covered parking, like a big pool and don't mind the bland interiors of the apartments, then this place may be a good fit for you.
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Village Park at Eastborough

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