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Village Park at Eastborough



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dburrow • Resident 2012 - 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/19/2012
Edited on 4/22/2012 - A month later and still no useable finished lower level. Leak was "fixed" by digging a 6 inch trench around inside wall of foundation and installing a drainage system and sump pump. The crew from Kansas Basement and Foundation reccomended to the maintenance man that two sinkholes at the front and rear of my townhome be filled in, this has not been done. One of the two walls that were cut out to complete the "repair" has been partially replaced, first coat of mud on the joints was done 2 weeks ago and no work has been done since. The other wall is supposedly going to only be a white plastic panel that is haphazardly anchored to the concrete - I'll probably end up putting in a sub-wall myself because what's there looks like something that even a ------ would reject. Carpet has not been reinstalled. Old stinking carpet and pad is still laying down there. I've closed off the vents to the downstairs and only go down there to do laundry. Lived here for 7 months and have yet to have a reliable dry basement. IF you contemplate moving here into one of the lower leve apartments or a townhome I suggest you inspect the lower level very closely. Edited on 3/21/2012 - I have to add that since my voice mail on Monday regarding the 3rd flooding issue I did hear back the next day from the Manager. They are removing old carpet and pad as well as have Kansas Basement & Foundation come out in two weeks to effect a repair to stop the flooding issue. I will update again after the work has been done. Looking better around here. The community /area isn't that bad. Most neighbors seem pretty nice. Kids all over which is great for my 8 year old. What's bad? I've attached photos of various aspects of my unti, and I've seen 3-4 others they are all in about the same state... I've lived here since September of 2011. I was forced in to a fairly rapid move due to a family emergency - I wish I'd had more time to look around. In that time my $800 a month tri-level townhome has flooded three times - each time they come in, suck up the water(Try and leave the pad, I've had to insist it be removed)and then hope(apparently)I'll forget about it. The overall condition of the townhome is pretty rough - the bathtub was painted with latex paint, apparently they thought that better then cleaning it? Doors are beat to h***. Walls are as well. Paint is very thinly sprayed on, even trying to hang and level a picture will leave scratched. Range is about 30 years old and sort of functions. Refrigerator is tiny and woefully cheap. They finally replaced the 30 year old dishwasher so at least it works. Back to the flooding - this will be a deal breaker for me. It's pretty gross. I've been exceedingly patient and hoped that they'd make a move to repair drainage or foundation, whichever the problem is - but here we are, 3 flooded lower levels later and I'm still dealing with it.
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Village Park at Eastborough

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