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Village Park Barclay Square



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sstafford • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/17/2010
My husband and I COULD afford to live in a much nicer apartment, but instead we choose to save our money so that we may own a home in the next few years. With this, there are sacrifices. My biggest beefs with the unit itself involve the kitchen. At some point, prior to us living here, the wood veneer cabinets must have become so damaged that they warranted being painted. Fine. But the job was done with crappy, flat paint that absorbs grease and stains (duh, it's a kitchen). Besides the paint itself, it's just a crappy job. It looks like hell. The baseboards are broken and missing. Oh, and now the painted-over wood veneer is peeling off in strips, exposing the orange-ish particle board underneath. I mean, I will open a cabinet and a piece will literally just fall off. Nice. These apartments were built in the early 70's. About half still have the original harvest gold or avocado shade appliances and bathroom fixtures. With 35-year-old, apartment quality appliances, you can expect the following: No efficiency. Our frige spews out so much heat from the bottom that the kitchen is always the hottest area of the unit, whether I'm cooking or not. The heat has also burnt and discolored the linoleum flooring, which I'm guessing is layer #5. Impossible to clean. I can see black mold in the bottom of the freezer, but there is no way of taking it apart to clean it. Overall ugliness and unreliability. They're harvest gold, after all. And I'll set our stove to heat at 350 and it really goes to 450, burning the hell out of whatever I was trying to make. Other gripes I think are pretty standard. I'd say 80% of all apartment carpet is disgusting and our is no exception. The worst was in our master closet. The previous tenant clearly had a cat, which I guess made the closet its bathroom. Shortly after moving in, the carpet shampoo smell wore off and the litter box odors resurfaced. I tried Resolve carpet cleaner, baking soda, vinegar, anything. With the Resolve, when I was wiping it up with a damp towel, the towel turned a stale urine-ish orange color before my eyes. I started spraying the carpet with some water, then soaking the urine out of it with a towel. I did this for about 2 hours. I had them reshampoo the carpet, but I really don't think that did anything. I went through another round with the water and towels, and finally the odor is gone but I still don't like walking in my own closet in my bare feet. The park nearby is great (during daylight hours) and the Riverside neighborhood is beautiful. It's close to the Wichita Museum district, Keeper of the Plains, and downtown. But this whole cluster of apartments is kind of unsightly to the area. Bottom line, we make choices in life with the hopes of something better in the future. If you need a place to live for college or starting out on your own, then this might be OK for you. But I would never want this to be a where I "settled down" and I would not want to raise a family here.
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Village Park Barclay Square

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