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8220 Oxford Circle, Wichita, KS 67226
8220 Oxford Circle, Wichita, KS 67226

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Windemere at Tallgrass



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missisjones • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/15/2006
I lived in a one bedroom at Tallgrass in 2005. Obviously, there are some very differing opinions in the reviews for this complex, so I thought I would offer my experience. I would first have you look at the dates for the reviews for this complex and notice that the vast majority of the "perfect" reviews are within the first week or two of the property being added to this site. I work in real estate and I find it very hard to believe that someone without prior leasing experience wrote <br>many of these reviews for the simple fact even educated consumers generally do not carry on with such descriptive multi-family sales terminology (not to mention the excessive use of exclamation points). However, I will say I loved my apartment. It was huge, and it had a washer and <br>dryer in a seperate laundry room (not just a closet in the hall with a sliding door to conceal it). I loved the tile entry, lots of windows and an actual deadbolt locking door to the balcony (not just a sliding <br>glass door with a charlie bar). I was not so pleased with everything at Tallgrass though. The entrances are mainly internal and the dryer vents from all the apartments pump sick hot air into common hallway which <br>makes it like a sauna with weird yellow lighting because there is no ventilation. I was told that the hallways were cleaned weekly when I moved in, but it in fact only happened once while I lived there. I cleaned the hallway many times myself because there was an abundance of huge spiders that liked to congregate below my stairs. I am quite sure this super-heated environment contributed greatly to a sharp electric increase that magically disappeared when I moved out. The trash was rather far away, and the parking situation was often difficult. I requested maintenance service when I first moved in because my refrigerator light was not working and my dryer knob was busted, and when I moved out, my fridge was still dark and my dryer knob was still stuck on high. The only other time I requested maintenence was when the leg of my hot water heater had rusted out and it was on serious tilt. It was only fixed because several weeks later a housing inspector came though my building <br>and I pointed it out. Magically, I had a brand new water heater that same afternoon! However, the management does not attempt to make anybody feel at home in my opinion. In fact, any contact I had with the management made me feel that I was intruding on personal time, even when paying rent. Anytime I went to the management office I generally left with a negative impression, often times because nobody was to be found during normal office hours. <br>Best example of the managements apathetic <br>nature: My name was spelled wrong on my lease when I moved in. I called and let management know, and asked for it to be fixed. After completing my entire lease <br>term and moving to another community, I received my security deposit refund check in the mail. My name was STILL spelled wrong on my check which made it a nightmare to cash! <br>Sorry to be so long-winded, but I wanted to mention both the positives and negatives of this complex. <br> <br>Recap: <br>Spacious, great floor plan, nice area, good amenities. <br>Lack luster maintenance and uncaring management. <br>If you NEVER needed management or maintenance attention, only then would this be an excellent place to live! <br><br>***********(Note... Many QUALITY reviews have been challenged by the management and have been removed from the website due to containing personally identifying information (PREVIOUSLY INCLUDING THIS ONE). Therefore, it has been revised to be in accordance with the policy so it can remain to be seen. Please remember this if you are posting and refer to "the management" and not specific individuals, or your comments will also be removed. I still think its cheap though, because the original post did not use any profanity or falsification of actual events, and positive reviews listing "personally identifying information" are allowed to remain!!!!!*********) <br>
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Windemere at Tallgrass

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