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Windsor at Rockborough



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bluhova • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/30/2005
If you expect to have a clean atmosphere, to having the luxury of living comfortable in a place to call home then this is NOT the place. I had recently gotten out of the military to a great new job here in the area, and me and my family were looking for some place for a year until we decided on a house to buy. We looked up this ZOO on the internet, and the assistant manager seemed quite friendly and courteous. She let me put down a deposit, and let me take a early on look at my unit before I had moved in. The place was very spacious, but first impressions are very deceiving in this instant. Just a quick glance at some of the items I have had to deal with... Fist parking is unavailable to all tennants. A person could have loud parties(which frequently happens with all the college students) and you won't have anywhere to park. You could end up walking from about 10 units down. Second MICE!!!!, I'm prior military and I know about keeping a place clean. When I brought this up to this great staff(yeah right!) they told me (WE DON'T HAVE A MICE PROBLEM HERE) then THE UPSTAIRS TOLIET CONSTANTLY clogs !!! The maintenance unit came and unclogged it, and it continues to clog. One time there was a leak beneath the toilet and water rained on the downstairs toilet! Then in the den area, the air conditiong unit LEAKED....I mean like Noah Ark like flooding...then they told me it was my washer unit.....but with much persistance they soon found out that I was right. Then the circuit breaker kept popping after that in that same area, which led to the crash of my computer. Oh did I mention the neighbors....there is a tolerance for loud noise here..and when you complain..expect to hear" Well, there is nothing I can do about it..call SWAT" You know this is the first management company that can flat out do nothing. Be careful if you have small kids here, because you will see used comdoms over the sidewalk and in the grass, along with empty beer cans near your doorstep. I mean I'm management at my company and I feel I live in the projects but I pay High Income rent for this area. You know the managemnet have actually won some type of award here...for what???? all they do is make excuses! They keep saying.."well you have to understand these units are old...or there is nothing we can do" Please do not make the same mistake as me....do not rent here. And if it seems like I'm just a mad tennant..then I am. I fault myself, but you the consumer have a second chance to make a rational decision. Also did Forgot to mention. When we asked about schools in the assistant manager FLAT OUT LIED, and said that "oh yeah your daughter can catch the bus here in our complex" come to find out because of the Kansas zoning laws if a school is 2.5 miles or less away from you, then your child either has to walk or rely on transpotation to get to school. When our great assistant manager(remember this is the person that won some type of award!) was asked about this she replied" oh well I thought they did" If this place is emulates your ideal place of low standard living then this DUMP is the place for you.
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Windsor at Rockborough

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