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Kaylashea1488 • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2010
I moved to Bowling Green for college 4 years ago. I lived in a privately owned apartment before moving to Greenhaven, and moving was a big mistake. ----- saw the opportunity to take advantage of two college students and that she did. When we moved in and signed the lease -----'s words were, "If you don't have the carpets professionally cleaned you will not get the refundable half of your deposit back." She never mentioned that we would be charged outrageous amounts after we moved out the apartment for maintenance that our deposit should have covered. We had the intention to get our carpets cleaned, but then an incident occurred that caused my roommate and I to avoid our own apartment at all costs. My roommate was threatened in the parking lot of our building and then followed to our apartment and barricaded inside by the criminals (fellow residents who lived in the building across the parking lot) until the police came and scared them off. This happened at the beginning of the last month of our lease. We stayed away from that place for the remainder of our lease. We cleaned as much as possible without having to spend too much time there. We simply did not feel safe. Moving things out was a nightmare since the residents who threatened my roommate continually hung out in the parking lot watching us through the entire move out process. (When we told ----- about the incident she did not seem to care.) With that being said, we understood that we would not get our $150 back. However, we DID NOT expect to get a bill for an additional $168 attached to a letter threatening to RUIN our credit. The bill has to be paid within 7 DAYS. We paid a $300 deposit, and the bill ended up being for a total of $318. They deducted the half of our security deposit we would have gotten back if we had had to carpets cleaned. ----- claimed the remaining $150 was for the pool, exercise room, and keys. They charged over $220 to paint the place. ----- said that our apartment was "beyond the normal wear and tear." I know that there is a stigma attached to college students, but my roommate and I did not abuse this apartment. She claimed that she had to repaint the entire place because of "grease on the walls" "gaping holes" and "rust in the closet." First of all, there was grease on the walls that we had to scrub down when we moved in. We cleaned the apartment thoroughly before we moved out; there was no grease on the wall when we left. ----- told me that she "doesn't have to paint 75% of the apartments after tenants move out." However, when I told her that it was not fair that we had to pay to paint the apartment when it was not freshly painted when we moved in, she claimed that it WAS freshly painted. She completely contradicted herself. The lease states that we are responsible for damages "beyond normal wear and tear." It never specifies what "normal wear and tear" is. Honestly, they can claim that ANYTHING is beyond normal wear and tear. Now not only is ----- forcing us to pay this fee, but she is treating us like we are criminals. I would advise you take pictures of the apartment BEFORE and AFTER you live there. If you don't, they will back you in a corner as they have us. We have no choice but to pay the fee. Because we are college students our parents had to cosign. ----- knew that we are people who do not want to damage our credit. She also knows that our parents will have not pay the bill or risk damaging their credit as well. Basically, she knew she could get money out of us. What they did was not right. The place was cheap, BUT IT'S NOT WORTH IT. When we signed the lease, we were tempted by the "all utilities paid" aspect. With the complex being so close to campus we could not resist. Now, I wish we had. I have never had problems like this, and I hope never to encounter a crooked landlord like this again.
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