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Greenhaven Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/24/2010
These apartments are absolutly horrible. They seemed good in the beginning but things quickly got worse. The maintenance there is horrible, they never fix anything if something is broken they wont fix it they will just claim that it is old, like our air conditioner it was 90 degrees in the apartment and they did nothing. If you call emergency maintenance they will not come... like when our bathtube was flooding the downstairs apartment. There was a women robbed at gun point while we lived there. People will drive by at all hours of the night with thier music blairing and people will jump in the pool after hours and be so loud you cant get any sleep. Oh and when you go to move out don't expect to get your deposit back. They make you get the carpet cleaned with thier cleaning company that cost 65 dollars. We spent 10 hrs cleaning that aparment and spent tons of money on cleaning products... that apartment was cleaner than when we moved in. But that doesnt matter because they still withheld 60 dollars from us for a supposed cleaning crew to come in. It is rediculous. you might as well not clean the apartment at all when you move out because it wont matter you still wont get your money back!
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Greenhaven Apartments

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