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Burgundy Hills Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
Some changes have been made since other residents or previous residents have made their posts. Unfortunately they are all for the worse. Some of the positives mentioned were free internet, satellite, secured entrance, and quiet. Well for starters the internet (T1) line is no longer free. Your choices for your television are satellite or rabbit ears. The satellite is through direct TV, but you have to pay another company a monthly charge for hardware maintenance. If you like tivo forget it. Since it's considered a commercial building, you cannot just go to Bestbuy or call Direct and get Tivo. You must call the above mentioned company and Tivo will cost you $200 per TV. The secured entrance is nice but that is if you don't find the doors propped open. Which at 5:00 am they have been propped open. There is shoddy craftsmanship that can be seen everywhere. Windows unable to open properly, because the wall stops it. Try measuring for curtains and you might just get stumped. 8" from the ceiling on the left, 91/2" on the right???? Now noise is another problem, if you are on the first floor.... God bless you!! It apparently takes 20 steps for the person above to walk from the door to their bedroom. I can count it every step. The heating and cooling bills average $100 or more a month. The problem I see with that is that the heat/AC runs almost constantly. Problems with cooling the apartment on any day over 90 degrees. If you visit in the winter you'll see the bath towels in front of the apartment doors to try and stop the drafts. Another change is the Club House is now $75 and a $200 deposit. The worse part of the negative is that the workout room and clubhouse has been broke into 3 times since I have lived here. Finally after all the spare keys were stolen was there a "working" security system put in. There has also been a change in management, and unfortunately a poor one. For example, I have had several people that live in the apartments comment about how rude the management now is. Another example, a friend of mine made an appointment to look at an apartment, waited 30 mins on their lunch break.....and no one showed.<br><br>Now I'm not a person to only dwell on the negative, how about the positives. Parking is pretty good, and in good condition (the recently paved it). The apartments I believe are decent in size. My apartment has a garbage disposal and a dish washer. A utility closet that has a rack, that is above the washer and dryer. One warning about the closet is you have to have a regular washer/dryer. The extra loading ones are too deep to fit into the closet. The location of the apartment is really convenient. It is located 5 to 10 mins from 75 and 275. Several fast-food restaurants and gas stations are around. <br><br>Overall I would look across the street of 18 if you want to live in the neighborhood. If you visit Burgundy you'll know what I'm talking about. They have cheaper rent and the apartments are just as big. I made a mistake picking this over the other, one I will not make again. My friend that made an appointment only made it to compare, needless to say they live across from HWY 18 now!!! When my lease is up I'm getting a house, I guess one good think came out of this!!<br>
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Burgundy Hills Apartments

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