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5519-C Limaburg Road, Burlington, KY 41005
5519-C Limaburg Road, Burlington, KY 41005

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Hayfield Park



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axiomsky • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 05/03/2012
I rented a one bedroom several years ago. I was impressed overall; the apartment community is pretty private and in the year I stayed there, I never witnessed nor heard about any incidences where the police were called. Never heard any fighting. Never had any problems with kids doing typical kid dumb stuff. My neighbors were quiet and everyone was friendly but kept about their own business. My apartment was great, the 1 beds have a huge utility room, which I have never seen so large a room in a one bed. The size of the apartments is on the lean side, but they have vaulted ceilings so it feels bigger. Built in bookcases and extra cabinets for storage, and a floored in attic crawlspace for storage were big pluses in my book. The most important thing was that I felt like I was living in a home rather than an apartment. I never had a problem with management, they were very accomodating and if I was two days late on the rent because I had to wait for my payroll check, they understood. As far as maintinance, I never had to call about anything on my unit. All these reasons are why I signed with them again just last week. As soon as i arrived, I felt like I was home again. I don't get to feel that way too much....so I knew when I did that signing up for another year lease was a great idea. This time I will be in a studio; a little smaller of course, but I don't mind. Pay no attention to the negative reviews. The management is up front with what is expected, and what is available. As with most places, don't take their generosity and abuse it. Pay your rent on time for the most part and they are great. If you are consistently late, well then you are stupid for thinking that you will just be given a free pass everytime. I never saw any bugs either, so I am willing to bet that the people that do were just gross people - which I would like to add that you don't see often at this community. Clean up after yourselves and guess what? No bugs. The management is very nice, and I was signed up in less than an hour. they have online payments and automatic payments to make life easier for you as well. They also have high speed internet (just told that 50.0/6.0 is available). Huge plus for those of us working in the computing field. I recommend this community: and this is the first I have ever liked enough to write a review about. I have hated about everyplace I have ever lived up until Hayfield. And I am living here twice, that should prove my point.
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Hayfield Park

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